We wrote this creed to express what we feel are foundational virtues worthy of aspiring to.

It attempts to answer the questions:

What collection of traits and human capacities make for a good person and a truly heartfelt, responsible, and satisfying use of one's life?

What virtues seem to underpin all genuine worthy causes?

This is what seems to fit for us.

This is our creed.




Awareness.  I am aware.

Awareness is my responsibility, and a powerful weapon in my fight for all good things.  I use and develop my awareness.

Integrity.  I have integrity.

Integrity is attitude, decency, and diligence; fairness, honor, and honesty; trustworthiness, courage, and work ethic.  In public and in private, I live with integrity.

Discipline.  I have discipline.

Discipline is mental toughness.  It fuels my results, and my self-respect, regardless of my results.  I strengthen my body, mind, and spirit with discipline.

Compassion.  I have compassion.

Compassion is the mark of human nobility.  It has the capacity to behold another's spirit as one's own.  I fiercely protect my heart's compassion.

Wisdom.  I prize wisdom.

Wisdom is the fruit of experience, reflection, and humility.  The truest and deepest success is to live wisely.  And so, even more than success, I chase wisdom.

Awareness, integrity, discipline, compassion, wisdom.

Live the creed.