Firekeepers: Five F.A.Q.

1. What is this?

Firekeepers is

- a ministry of holistic spiritual teaching and support - especially for gay women who feel they have a masculine spirit - and who have chosen not to confine themselves to any one religion.[/toggle]

2. Who are you?

Here's my story in 60 seconds:

I was a follower of New Age teachings for years. But there was something missing. I felt a connection to Spirit, but still, something was missing. I eventually realized what it was:

I was made for a spirituality more gritty and muscular, something with a warrior's spirit.

Opposition came in the form of self-doubt: maybe the problem was me and my flaws, not the teachings.  Maybe it was all just ego, thinking that I could need or find something special.  It was years of underground journeying with Spirit to find the missing pieces. There were times I wondered if they even existed.

In the end I was basically forced to give up my old self.  See, I realized the problem was, I'd been trying to fit into someone else's teaching about what a spiritual person's thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes were.

But when I let that old self die, what I'd been searching for finally came through.  It excited me, it acknowledged the warrior part of my heart.  And I finally experienced the initiation, training, and strength I'd always longed for.  But first Spirit had to heal me.

A lot has been healed, a lot of confusion cleared.  And a lot is still ongoing, but I am so much more fulfilled and strong now in my spirituality than I have ever been before.

And there was another surprise.  See, I used to think this quest was for me.

But now I realize: I'm supposed to put it out there for others.  Not to convert anyone.  haha!  Just to offer it to those who feel the same hunger I did.

That hunger for something grittier, more muscular, warrior-like, and visceral.

If you think that might be you, Firekeepers is FOR you.

It's a holistic spirituality for those of us who feel the hunger of the warrior's heart.

3. Is it only for dykes?

No. It's not like I'm gonna come to your house to verify your flannel shirt collection.  haha!  If it resonates with you, it's for you.  I just have a heart for my fellow dykes -- or anyone with a masculine spirit -- who wants their spiritual teaching to be in solidarity with their spirit.[/toggle]

4. Is it a church?

Yes and no.

If you define 'church' as a group of people who express their spirituality in a similar way, then yes. If you define 'church' as a formal institution, no.[/toggle]

5. What do you believe?

The biggest things, as they relate to the Firekeeper message:

  • I believe homosexuality is no more a sin than being short or tall is a sin.  In other words, I believe homosexuality is no 'sin' at all!  It's not anything that needs fixing, or changing.
  • I believe being gay is an incredible opportunity for spiritual growth.
  • No one religion has a monopoly on truth.
  • It's possible to have a rich, vital, truthful, invigorating spiritual life, without locking yourself into any one religion, or church, or teaching.

For the other big things I believe in, see:

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