Stress Stopper: A Crucial Component to Every Healing Regimen

Stress Stopper is one of the many flower essence blends sold by Spirit Essences, holistic animal medicine company. This particular formula is great for the occasional, short-duration stresses that an animal faces: trip to the vet, thunder and lightning, fireworks, parties, vacuum, lawnmower, machinery, visitors and houseguests, vacations (if the animal is boarded or has a pet-sitter), unusual noises (remodeling, construction, roadwork, etc.), arguments with other animals, repairpersons; also good for animals who are left home alone all day, to prevent boredom and stress. It helps animals feel grounded and protected. In addition to the various situations noted above, Stress Stopper is also a crucial component to every healing regimen. When a pet is sick, stressed, angry, lonely, scared, or suffering from trauma (past or present), that pet is out of balance. Some might say that the imbalance first begins energetically and then if left unhealed, can manifest physically, emotionally, behaviorally. When we identify our pet’s needs and address them with some sort of healing regimen, whether it is to use allopathic medicine or holistic medicine, including flower essences, our pets will go through various stages and levels of healing. It is much like peeling back layers of an onion. This may manifest with a successful step forward and seeming step back. But what is happening is that as each layer is healed, our pets then reach the next level and can become imbalanced again. For the highest level of healing to occur, our pets must continue to rebalance at every turning point in order to achieve the overall balanced state of pure health. Stress Stopper helps our pets regain normal balance at each stage so that continued overall healing can occur and remain.

Spirit Essences’ Stress Stopper formula is the only one created by Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Jean Hofve and Cat Behaviorist, as well as, Animal Planet’s newest star of My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy. It contains the exact five flowers of the classic Bach Rescue Remedy formula: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, and Clematis. But our formula goes further and includes several other flower, gem, and herb essences that address the complexities of the emotional realm and higher consciousness levels of pet so that deeper core healing is always available. Remember, your pet’s infinitely wise body will only use the particular essences in the formula that it needs. You will surely want to make sure this one formula is in your pet’s medicine cabinet!

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