Caveat Emptor!

Caveat emptor is Latin for “let the buyer beware!”.  Although most commonly known as a property law doctrine (just sharin’ some of the vestiges of my law school retention), I think someone should make a little “caveat emptor” mascot, like a devil dressed up as a cute kitten.   They should put this little devil on all suspicious food products on the shelves today.  And just as we've come to understand that the bunny in the circle with the line across it means, "no animal testing," we'll know that when we see this little devil, we should drop the product and run!

Not a day goes by where I don’t contemplate going all-raw again and it’s those loop holes like “natural flavorings” that keep me on that mouse wheel.  It seems so wrong that companies, instead of writing, “poison”, are allowed to write, “natural flavors” when listing ingredients in their products.

I enjoy cooked food every now and then and once in while, I love a nice hot soup!  Well, last month, I happened upon these crazy-tasty instant soups.  Alright, maybe “instant” should’ve been my clue, but these were vegan and gluten free soups with fairly healthy ingredients.  I found them at Whole Foods and when I looked at the ingredients, pulsating from the list was “natural flavorings”.  I knew what that could mean and still, I betrayed my body for the promise of a quick & easy, comforting vegan and gluten free black bean soup!

I’m not going to lie…it was delicious.  And the next day, I went back to Whole Foods and bought not one more cup, or two, or three…I bought TEN!  I came home with Tortilla, Tamale, Split Pea and more Black Bean.  But I knew better.  It was the same every time:  I’d heat the water, pour it in the cup, and dance around the kitchen, spoon in hand, waiting for my soup!  After I ate the last spoonful, I’d look at the cup and again, see “natural flavorings” a neon warning sign, glaring at me…and I’d feel guilty and then angry!

I vowed to never buy another cup until I knew from the company if they indeed put MSG or glutamates in their soups.  I emailed them three times and never heard back from them.  I was very disappointed in that company and it made me think that if they could be using MSG, they could very well be using the evil M__santo corn too!

I started thinking, what’s the use of a company that boasts being so healthy, vegan, and gluten free if they are still poisoning us?  So then I think, hmmm…what’s the lesser of two “evils”?  Organic dairy and  whole wheat products that clog the system and hurt animals OR vegan, gluten free products with poisonous corn and chemicals?

Forget them all!  That’s why I’m so grateful to have ever met the raw food lifestyle.  Whenever I’m feeling afraid of my cooked food, I need just run over to my favorite organic produce and all is well in the world again!  An organic crunchy Fuji apple makes it all better again!  Or an afternoon wellness elixir of juiced green apples, ginger, and lemon just soothes the Soul.

But the next time I’m in the mood for something warming, I’ll sip on a nice cup of hot Earl Grey Tea, while I put some raw almond milk, raw mushrooms, raw corn, raw red bell pepper, garlic clove, fresh lemon juice, and sea salt in a blender for some raw “cream” of mushroom soup!  Garnish with fresh mushrooms, chopped red bell pepper, corn, and some dried basil!  YUMMMEEE!

So remember, whether you’re perusing the aisles of a market chain or whether you’re decked out in patchouli at your favorite “health food” store, CAVEAT EMPTOR!

(See ma? Law school was good for something! :-)