*Compassion is the Mark of Human Nobility

Compasion is the mark of human nobility

Compassion is the mark of human nobility

I used to think compassion was something that kicks in when someone else was suffering.

And sure, it's that.  But it's also way more badass than that.

It's doesn't just react.  It doesn't just lie around on the couch until something upsetting happens.

Like, when captors torture the captured.  Compassion doesn't just fly off the couch for that sort of thing.

Compassion Is Proactive

Compassion takes initiative.

It gets up and does things on its own.  It makes good things happen.

Even in really mundane ho-hum life, it can be a sort of silent ass-kicker for the good guys.

Compassion In Everyday Life

It offers a smile first, before waiting to get one.

It holds open doors.

It also forgives another's bad attitude.

It's called: loving your partner when they're in full-on Grouch Mode.


By concentrating on the other person's state of mind and emotion.  Trying to understand them.  It's called empathy.  I'm really trying to learn it.

In this empathy mode, compassion can get up and do fireman carry of that other person's spirit-body when they're hurting and in a bad way.

Instead of using some kind of beach body to lift them up and carry them out of the live fire zone, you use your ripped, shredded and finely trained attention, respect, words, and spiritual energy to carry them through to safety.  

Compassion In Everyday Life Is Like An Inverse Action Movie

When somebody is pounding you with a super irritating attitude, you can't see or hear grenades or explosions.  There's no real shrapnel flying through the air trying to tear into your meat suit.

But you sure feel like hitting the ground in a dive for cover!

That's when it's time to Deploy Your Super Compassion Power.

Doing so requires an uncommon level of awareness, integrity, discipline, compassion and wisdom.

If we had more superheroes like this around, the world would be a better place.

Like Michael Jackson sang, make it a better place for you and for me.

Shall we?

Let's do it!

When your Compassion is called upon, and you use it proactively for good, you feel noble.

Compassion is the mark of human nobility.

Onward Firekeepers.

Live the creed.