Adding Magic to Cozy Outdoor Spaces

Ever since we moved into this house, 

I’ve had my eye on creating something cozy


on the back patio area.   As you can see, a lot can be done with an outdoor carpet, some lavender plants, and a cute outdoor furniture set!  

But what truly turns a cozy space into a magical one is...

....wait for it....

outdoor string lights!

For years, I've relied on a good old string or two of white Christmas lights.  They'll do in a pinch, are also very hardy and budget friendly. 

But here, I decided to go with Deneve Globe String Lights.  I love these lights!!!  They cost about $22.95 for 25 feet/25 bulbs.  The only suggestion I have is to actually read the insert and do what they recommend which is to unscrew all the bulbs before attempting to string up the lights!  In all our excitement, we broke two bulbs.

Thank goodness, they have replacement bulbs!  

P.S.  Please don't worry about the dead Tomato plants in the background...You'll be relieved to know that they have been removed and Toast has now planted buttercrunch lettuce, green oak leaf lettuce, marathon broccoli, cilantro, strawberries, and heirloom Valencia tomatoes.

Here's new garden proof: