Defeat is a State of Mind

Bruce Lee Defeat is a state of mind
Bruce Lee Defeat is a state of mind

Discipline is mental toughness.  It fuels my results, and my self-respect, regardless of my results. - from The Firekeeper's Creed

REMEMBER.  Define the win – define success – in a deeper way.


Meaning, to continue on.  To keep going.

Keep on Keeping On.

If you do this, you are the definition of success.

"Not accepting defeat" is not about being in denial about your weaknesses, or denying that your plans didn't work out as you hoped.

We do have weaknesses.  Some plans will fail.

"Not accepting defeat" is about facing our weaknesses and working with them.  It's about studying our failures so we can learn from them.

Time for a new week.

Let's crush it.