Dreams. Have faith.


While driving home on the 605, headlights and tail lights shone through the dark night around us.  As we sped down the freeway, Siena and I had a talk about dreams.

The dreams you dream at night.

The weird/wonderful worlds you inhabit as you sleep.

I want to share a core concept of our discussion with you, because I think it'll help you on your journey.

It certainly has helped me.

First of all, it's pretty common to hear about how our dreams are important ways to interpret and process our "stuff."  Our unconscious or subconscious, our issues, our fears and difficult situations we must deal with in waking life.

Sometimes when we're dreaming, we know it's a dream, and we're trying to interpret it as we dream.

And sometimes when we wake up, we can't recall our dreams.  We might worry that the message of the dream is therefore lost on us.  That we "wasted" the dream, because we can't intellectually articulate what it was, or what it meant.

Here's the core of our conversation, which I hope helps you.

The essence of this concept is deep in the Firekeeper message.

The concept is that dreams can help us even if we can't intellectualize or articulate them.

In other words: Because our ways of knowing are not limited to an intellectual or a conscious process, we can still benefit from dreams.

Our other ways of knowing - our body's primal wisdom, our soul's rituals, our heart's symbolism - can still receive and use those dreams.

And your faith in yourself in this way is such a help and support to the rest of you that doesn't speak in linear words and sentences.

Honor your deeper ways of  knowing.

Peace, Toast