The Firekeeper's Creed

Awareness – Integrity – Discipline

Compassion – Wisdom

I am aware.

Awareness is my responsibility, and a powerful weapon in my fight for all good things.  I use and develop my awareness.

I have integrity.

Integrity is attitude, decency, and discipline; fairness, honor, and honesty; trustworthiness, courage, and work ethic.  In public and in private, I live with integrity.

I have discipline.

Discipline is mental toughness.  It fuels my results, and my self-respect, regardless of my results.  I strengthen my body, mind, and spirit with discipline.

I am compassionate.

Compassion is the mark of human nobility.  It has the capacity to behold another's spirit as one's own.  I fiercely protect my heart's compassion.

I prize wisdom.

Wisdom is the fruit of experience, reflection, and humility.  The truest and deepest success is to live wisely.  And so even more than success, I chase wisdom.



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