Foil Ball? Paper Grocery Bag? String on a Stick?


Yippppeee!  Cumin's birthday is coming up!  On March 9th, she will be 18 years old!   So the question is, what do you get a cat that has everything?  I say that because at 18, she has several cat beds, cat warmers, cat nooks, special blankets, handmade toys, boutique toys, so I think this cat's covered!  This pretty kitty flew with me on United Airlines from Hawaii to Los Angeles.  She's been at every single music rehearsal that Toast and I have had at the house. She has given a blink of approval at our songwriting sessions.  She's kept me company with her warmth and purrs, snuggled up to me during sad times, and even mediated a few tiffs between Toast and I.  Cumin has been there through it all, good, bad and everything in between.

Maybe along with a few catnip toys, we'll just say a beautiful prayer for her perfect health, comfort and happiness....for her to be with us for many more years.  Thank you, Dear Friend, Cumin!