For the Pet Guardian: 30 Seconds to Change Your Day!

The holidays are considered Holy Days, a special time of reverence and reflection.

I think it's easy to forget this though, when we fall prey to the busyness of the season with all the shopping, cooking, wrapping, eating, giving, and getting.


But what we can do is take 30 seconds first thing in the morning for gratitude.

Upon rising, as soon as your eyes pop open or as soon as you hit that alarm, instead of getting out of bed, lie there for 30 seconds.  Take 1 slow deep breath in and out through your nose and as you do this, quietly say to yourself with your hands over your heart, "Thank you body."

Then think of three things you are grateful for.  Don't forget to include your furry friend who is most likely sleeping in a ball at your feet or sitting by your head, saying, "feed me now!"

Cumin sleeping...

Cumin sleeping...

Cumin's Gratitude List:  

  1. catnip    
  2. well-trained pet guardians that jump up when you meow  
  3. SLEEP!

These 30 seconds will help you set the tone and direction for your day ahead.  If you feel so inclined, you can write out your gratitude list (like Cumin did above), but many people feel like they don't have the time to do this.  That's fine.

The important thing is to feel it…feel the energy of love and gratitude permeating all the cells of your being so that you resonate an undeniable vibration that will attract goodness to you all day long.


Just 30 seconds...Happy Holy Days.