Free Gift for Firekeepers

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The Firekeepers Creed blog series starts soon. It'll be a series of five posts, each Friday, starting this Friday.

To give you a head start, and most of all, to support you in your spirituality and your LIFE, I want to give you a bunch of free files.  The download link is below the video.

They're computer desktops, iPhone and iPad wallpapers, and PDF printouts of The Firekeepers Creed.  Both the full version, and where appropriate, the abridged version.

I put the creed in a whole bunch of different formats.

  • Computer screen (the two most-common aspect ratios)
  • Smartphone screen (iPhone)
  • Tablet screen (iPad)
  • Paper (8.5 x 11, half-sheet, and credit card size)

This is so that no matter what kind of screens you deal with, heck, even if you don't deal with screens much and paper is better for you, I'm still hooking you up.

With these files, you can easily get the creed in front of your face throughout the day.

Because if you feel it resonates with you, you will definitely benefit from reading, re-reading, and meditating on it.  

I want to support you in Your Life.

The Firekeepers Creed Wallpaper Pack will download when you click here.

I'll see you on Friday for the official start of the series.

Have an awesome day.