Get Happy!

So my day did not start off well…it was one of those days where you’re running late, rushing about, and everything else around you seems to be going in slow motion, making you even later! Normally, a nice time out and some deep breathing to realign my energy would be in order.  But did I do that?  Nope!  I opted for complaining and really being in what became a “bad mood!” Just lovely!

Then something amazing happened…lunch!  I made myself a green smoothie:  freshly juiced organic oranges, one small organic banana, 1/2 avocado and a ton of organic spinach!  I poured this in a mason jar, over three ice cubes and drank with a straw.

As I took my first sip, the yumminess of this green happiness elixir, surprised me!  Now, I’ve had this smoothie a million times, but today, it really grabbed my attention!  In fact, I stopped everything I was doing to just focus on the pleasure of drinking this concoction!  As I took the last green frothy sip, I realized that this amazing drink actually washed my bad mood away!

Food heals!  This raw high energy goodness actually transmuted my bad mood.  I sometimes forget that food can do this!  Thank you, Green Smoothie!  (The people around me today, thank you too!)