Grammy Awards 2014


Here are a few pictures from our time at the Grammy Awards this year.  This was the best year yet!  The highlight:  Macklemore and the beautiful couples getting married...AT THE GRAMMYS!

They always have beautiful tickets.  It's the business of "show," after all...


Here's a look at some of the food at the pre-telecast:  veggie egg rolls, crudite, tea sandwiches.  For the meat eaters:  sliders, roast beef sandwiches, and chicken skewers.


Cyndi Lauper, the host of the pre-telecast AND a Grammy winner for Kinky Boots!


Y'know, we really do try to have some class and genuinely respect those who do.  Hats off to you and god knows we try ourselves.  But we also have to admit: Kathy Griffin is f*n hilarious!  We love her!  Her first Grammy win!


The view from the higher elevation.


A glimpse of the after party!


How cute is Toast?