Grow Your Eats

Is it just me or do you do this, too?

Do you eat and enjoy your veggies more when those veggies came out of the dirt in your backyard or kitchen garden?

Or maybe they came from a farmers market.  But you know, they didn't come from a sealed plastic bag that you swiped from among many identical plastic bags in a chain store.

I personally find it's a much richer experience to eat a few lettuce leaves from our garden vs. chowing through an entire entrée of fast-food salad.

These are Oak Leaf Lettuce leaves I tore off with my own hands in our backyard.

Here's some cilantro, also freshly picked.

fall garden 5.JPG

Now, I have NEVER opened up a bag of greens from Trader Joe's or Albertson's or any grocery store, and just eaten it naked.  The leaves, not me.  No dressing or anything.  (Although I also have never eaten leaves while I was naked, either.)

But I ate this cilantro right up.  First the leaves, and then the stems.  And I also did that with the Oak Leaf Lettuce.  Without any dressing or anything, I just ate it like a gorilla eats twigs or whatever.

Because, I GUESS -- I grew them.

(Which is the English language's way of saying: I put the plants in the ground and then nature grew them.)

So, just because they came from our garden...that's why I ate it and LIKED eating it.

I realize this makes me, basically, a toddler who can be tricked into eating vegetables.

And that's fine.

Because I'm the one doing the tricking, too.  heh heh.

Having self-awareness to know and then leverage the things that motivate us to action is one of the keys to living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

See, I'm not in the habit of grabbing a handful of vegetables to snack on, even though I know that's a healthier habit than reaching for a 'nutrition bar.'

So how do I get myself to eat more veggies?

Grow them.  I know myself and I know that I will find those home grown greens to be lightyears more appealing than a bag of chilled leaves encased in a plastic container.

So what if all I'm starting out with are just a few plants, and I don't really know what I'm doing because I don't have a lot of experience?

It's better than nothing!

  • I feel more empowered
  • I get good quality time in nature
  • I learn what broccoli looks like before it's sold in a store
  • AND I'll eat more veggies and create a positive association with doing so
  • ...which will lead to veggies being an even bigger part of my life, going forward


Those are four broccoli plants in the back there!

P.S. Even if you don't have in-the-ground yard space, did you know you can still grow your own vegetables, herbs, and edible plants?  I used and still use this book: McGee & Stuckey's Bountiful Container: Create Container Gardens of Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, and Edible Flowers.  And I've also used this AeroGarden.  (It kinda makes you feel like you're growing your own food in a space station.)


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