Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter, Oh My!

Confession time:  the other morning I spent 3 hours on Instagram, FB, and Twitter!  THREE HOURS.  The real confession:  I loved every minute of it!

Some say it's all just a waste of time.  Now I'm not naming names here, but it starts with the letter, 'T'.


I've never really had the luxury of spending that much time in one sitting on social media, but hey, I'm on vacation!  So one morning, after feeding The Diva (Cumin), with coffee in hand, instead of going to where I meditate, journal and yoga, I took a sharp right and ended up in the living room near my computer.

Normally with social media, I don't have time to read everything that's going on and I generally scroll quickly through my news feed and like a few things and move on.  But after my 3 hour SM marathon, I learned that Allison got a new black pug puppy, Jane's line of lip balms were picked up by Whole Foods...

Cathy's lemon tree exploded with so much fruit, she was giving free lemons to anyone willing to drive to Murrieta to pick them up AND I even got a new recipe for gluten and grain-free brownies with peppermint frosting!


Tell me people, how is that a waste of time?!  I got to celebrate everyone's joys and triumphs and felt a strong sense of community with all my SM friends.

Now I'm not saying 3 hours straight is a great idea.  I think that happened because I was like the kid who isn't allowed to eat candy and then at Christmas time, eats all the candy canes off the tree!

What I am saying is that taking breaks throughout the day for some social media can really help you feel consistently connected.   

It's been really nice to be able to do this during my vacation.

Vacation Selfie

Vacation Selfie