Messages from the Universe

The Universe is amazing!

It sends us messages through the people in our lives, through conversations we over hear, books that catch our eye, and so much more.

The other day I was getting caught up.  I was allowing the pressure of the Holidays to get to me.

But lo and behold, here comes the Universe to the rescue!

This is what went down:

Toast and I picked up a comforting cooked vegan lunch.  We ordered steamed vegetables, garlic green beans, coconut curry, and lettuce wraps!   When the waiter came back, he not only brought our bill, but he brought me a personal message from the Universe!

At the top of the receipt, it read: 

Release Now

Wow!  The Universe does not disappoint!  Thank you, Universe!  Exactly what I needed to hear!

Siena & ToastComment