Progress by Inches


I've been dedicating myself to working on an upcoming series of courses. These will be courses that teach an entire framework of alternative spirituality.

I'm creating these courses one by one.

It's a LOT of material.  This is a whole world and way of looking at life that I've researched and experimented with, and experienced myself, for over a decade now.  Sometimes I feel unable to move, frozen in place at the thought of trying to explain it all.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, and like it's just too much.

But I've started and I'm working...on the first course.

And within that course, first I did a general outline.  A napkin sketch overview.

You gotta just start.

One bite into the whole enchilada.

Chew.  Chew carefully.

Go slow.

But GO.

A sandy beach takes eons to create.  The waves crash the rocks into one another, one wave at a time.  It just never stops.

And eventually...  you get a whole beach full of sand.

Don't stop.  Don't quit.  Keep going.  Keep after it.

That's how goals are met!