Rally Time!


Sometimes you have ROUGH weeks.

Unexpected obstacles and challenges fall in your path.

For Siena and I, it was work-related last week.

Longer-than-usual days.  Stuff we had to show-up for, which of course pushed other things aside.

Things like exercise, preparing clean-eating meals of fresh veggies.

We wound up eating crappier quick-food (for us, take-out Japanese in bento boxes) and getting to bed late.

It was simply called for, in order for us to show up, in our work.

And sometimes, you just gotta SHOW UP.

Excellence and high standards demand it.  Doing your best for a time-sensitive, crucial task demands it.  You have to sacrifice your previous best-laid plans.

Sure, we all strive for balance and the ideal self-care of diet and exercise and downtime every day.

But I've found REAL LIFE doesn't always mold itself to fit my plans.  (Have you noticed that?)

So we're having a RALLY WEEK!

That's what I'm calling this week.

That's what I call anytime I need to re-group and renew from being thrown off course.

Everyone needs Rally Time at SOME point.

Life is a constant shifting of either STAYING on course, or getting BACK ON course.