Something's Happening Here...


People may say I got too fired up and carried away in my last post.

That I came on too strong, too aggressive.

But it got me thinking, I really need to explain myself.

People need to know why they keep doing the body/mind/spirit/New Age teachings...and still haven't gotten what was promised. (harmonized wealth, glee, a brilliant, ecstatic life, etc.)

They need to know why those things aren't working.

And why in so many cases, it's the teaching that's screwed-up, not the people studying them.

In my last post, I said this was part of the problem:

...the over-feminization of the spiritual-not-religious movement.

What do I MEAN by that?

Well, I'm putting together a 3-part blog series that explains.

It'll be called What’s Wrong with the Standard Spiritual-Not-Religous Movement.

And it starts next Monday.

UPDATE: The series has now been posted in its entirety.  Each post in the series takes on a typical teaching from the Standard Spiritual-Not-Religious textbook.  The posts are: