Sometimes I Have to Kick My Own Ass

Mastering Yourself

Especially during these crazy holiday weeks.

When there are tons of excuses for not living up to standards.

That's when I have to kick my own ass.

I have to put my foot down with MYSELF, RE-COMMIT, and FOCUS.

That's what I did just this morning.

Because I realized I was allowing myself a level of mediocrity "because of the holidays," "because work is so busy."

F*** that.

It hit me hard.

I hadn't even done the simple rehabilitation exercises and stretches assigned to me by my sports chiropractor.

(I'm recovering from a neck and shoulder/upper back injury.)

Even though they're simple - because they're simple - I brushed them off.

Eh, that's easy stuff; I have more 'advanced and complicated' tasks that people are counting on me for at work and at home.

B*** S***

Time for a self-delivered ass-kicking.

If it's so easy, why aren't you DOING IT?


NO excuses.