Thanksgiving For Dykes: Mythic

So Thanksgiving was coming up and it got me thinking about myths, and how myths are so closely related to being a dyke.  Seriously.

You probably think I’m crazy right about now.

Everybody knows the story of “The First Thanksgiving” is a myth. Or they should. Come on people, get educated.

Squanto the friendly indian was actually named Tisquantum, and he was a friend to the Pilgrims only as part of a larger strategy whose aim was his self preservation.  That’s right.  He was the lone surviving member of his tribe.  Why did he speak fluent English?  How come he could be a translator between the Pilgrims and Indians?  Because he’d been captured years earlier and spent those years as a slave in Europe before finally managing to return home.  ...only to find his tribe had been decimated by disease.

Talk about a tough life.  (Puts first world problems into perspective, right?)

So there was Tisquantum, surrounded by foreign bands all vying for control of the area, and boom, that's when we drop into ‘the first Thanksgiving.’  No pumpkin pie, no cranberry sauce, no innocent, simple-minded peace-loving pilgrim-indian-fest.  This was politics and peace treaties and Plymouth colony -- which happened to be built on top of a grave site, basically, where the natives had died off of disease in masses just a few years earlier.

So on one side are the facts of history.  And on the other side, there’s the myth.  Facts vs. myth. Got it?

Here’s how that relates to being a dyke in the world.

The world is fixated on facts, or should I say facts in the normal sense.

People assume the ‘fact’ that if you’re female, you should be feminine.

haha!  But dykes and bois know from EXPERIENCE that female and femininity don’t necessarily go together like that.  You can be female AND ALSO be masculine.  That’s a fact, too. But I'd say it's a fact in the mythic sense.  

I LOVE myths. Myths are all about facts that are eternal, spiritual, and deeply true to the human experience.

The magic of being alive and the mystery of existence. Growing,  learning, intuition, emotion, and a sense of self.  That stuff is all contained in myths, not in ‘facts.’

So just like there’s the historical facts about Thanksgiving, there’s also the myth.  And what I’m saying is, the myth is true, too, in the mythic sense.


We celebrate the idea and experience of being thankful.  We take time to honor that.  We spend days focused on giving thanks and making a big deal out of it.  We concentrate on feeling grateful and celebrating the things that mean the most.  Family, friends, food that sustains us.  It’s not based on normal facts, but it is based on mythic facts.

That’s just like being a dyke.  

I don’t get upset when people say we’re not normal.  I don’t want to be normal, anyway.  I want to be excellent, I want to be abnormally good, strong, and wise.

Being a dyke is not normal according to society.  That’s because society hasn’t evolved enough yet to be able to handle people like us.  You walk into a bathroom and everybody feels awkward.  It’s the women’s bathroom and that comes with all kind of stereotypes and assumptions that we just don’t conform to.

We break the mold, we push the edges of society’s conception of what it means to be human. We’re not normal.  We’re pushing the boundaries and moving society forward to seeing the MYTHIC, not just the 'normal' facts. 

See the SPIRIT, see the ENERGY. Deal with the LIFE behind the surface. Life manifests itself there, too. Go deeper, people.

Now, to be clear, I’m NOT saying we should overlook the ignorance surrounding the history of the first Thanksgiving.  On the contrary, we should highlight those facts and more people need to know about it.  We need to raise awareness of the complexities involved with the formation of what has become the U.S.A.  

What I’m ALSO saying is that we can ALSO take the myth and use it skillfully, AS a myth.

Myths are meant to speak to the soul, not to science.

There’s a proper place for both.  We can honor the myth and its truths and we can also respect the facts of history.  They’re not the same; they’re separate.

Just like being a dyke.  Honor the energy of masculinity.  And to those who fixate on the fact of dykes being female: expand your soul, expand your conception of human existence and experience. 

I’m grateful to be a dyke.  It’s a spiritual badge of honor because it's a path to adventure in the spiritual realm.  

Happy Thanksgiving, Dykes.  May yours be mythic.