*The Honest Traveler


It cracks me up and pisses me off all at the time same time.

So many books and self-help systems out there try to pass themselves off as a comprehensive guide to life, claiming that if you just buy their book and follow their system, you, too, will have your life wrapped up in a neat little box with a bow on top.  Everything you dream of, the life you want, 'manifested' faster than you imagined possible.

That's not the life that's real.

It's not the life that I want.

(Because I've learned that GREAT lessons come from experiencing what you DIDN'T want.)

And it's not the life that any of us get, anyway.

No matter how much some people promise it.

Respect For Humility

My RESPECT goes to the ones who have the guts to say authentically and humbly, "I don't know it all; I don't have it all figured out, really."

But this is what's worked for me so far...

This is how I can understand it...

This is what's made sense for me so far...

That's the attitude and authenticity that fires me UP.

The Happy Clappy Cult Of Positive Thinking

The happy clappy cult of positive thinking is a poor and embarrassing substitute for actual thinking.


I've found SO much more fulfillment, clarity, and validation by following my own path.  Using my own heart and mind.

Going on a vision quest myself.

Not pinning my hopes to a cookie-cutter program by a self-help huckster.

I'm talking about looking for answers from LIFE, and history, and the patterns of nature and honest real life experience.  

It's About Your Individual Quest

There's wisdom and guidance to be found.  Sure there is.  But it's not a commodity you can buy with money.

It's paid for with observation, reflection, and humility.

And gifted to you by grace.