The Power of the "Love Meal"

Food coma.

I know you know it.  But do you know how NOT to have one?


The Love Meal

A Love Meal is one made with great love. A meal that you would normally not choose to eat but do, because it was made with love by someone you love. Love Meals tend to trump all dietary evils

What is proven to me over and over again, is the incredible impact our emotions have on our well-being.  It’s not just eating the “right” things that keeps us healthy and it’s not just physical exercise that keeps us well.    

It’s also our emotions and attitude surrounding our choices.

Allow yourself to indulge during the season, paying particular attention to

food made with great love

Mornings after celebrating via numerous servings of love meals, always leave me feeling fact, often times great!  I know that this is because that pumpkin pie was made with loving intentions.  

I ate it knowing that and I felt honored to partake of it with great friends, surrounded by a banquet of Love!

So if you’re gonna eat a “Love Meal”, love yourself and the maker while eating it.


Love your Love Feast!