*Workout For Your Life

Discipline is mental toughness. It fuels my results, and my self-respect, regardless of my results. I strengthen my body, mind, and spirit with discipline.
— Firekeeper's Creed

I like to workout alone.

Most times, without any music or anything.

It's to train my mind, my spirit.

The question I'm asking is...

What do I have when all I have is me?

No one 'motivating' me.

No one 'inspiring' me.

No one 'encouraging' me.

Wouldn't it be good to know?


What Are You Made Of?  Just You?

You can use your workouts as training for LIFE.

Your training has made your spirit and will power stronger, or weaker.

When you take the easy way out because you feel lazy... When you blow off a prior commitment just because you don't feel like it anymore... When you go through the motions, just to get it over with.... When you do these things, you're training your will to be weak!

This is why you MUST PUSH YOURSELF to train HARD.

When you've pushed yourself, and you're USED to hard work, and USED to making excellence a priority, you are training yourself to rise above when the moment of truth comes.

Your Moment Of Truth Is Not Going To Come With A Soundtrack By John Williams.
Your moment of truth will be a drop in an endless series of drops.


These drops accumulate to form your character and personality, skills, abilities, and relationships.

These things are your TRUE rags or riches.

These are the things you have to enjoy or despair about, each day.

Train for life, Firekeepers.