*Wanna Screw Up Today?

I can't change yesterday

I Guess I'm Just Old-school

I really dig the old-fashioned style of motivation:

Get off your ass.


"I can't change yesterday.  But I sure can screw-up today."

Love that.

Because it acknowledges (to paraphrase Pascal) the dignity of causation.

We Cause Things To Happen

Things could go either way.

And we have the power to shift the tide.

Yes, we can even cause bad things to happen.

Even if you do "nothing" (which is still an action, albeit a sorry-ass wimpy one), that would screw some stuff up Big Time.

You have the power to really screw stuff up today, just by doing 'nothing.'

Don't Do Nothing

Be intentional, be deliberate, be strategic, and be an old-school ass-kicker.

Enjoy Your Power Of Causation

Make someone's day today!  

px cowboyboots couple legs.jpg

Including your own.

Live the Creed.