What Would Abby Do?


I put on my Abby sweatshirt today in hopes of being inspired.

What I love about cats is that they are the perfect teachers at "being" and being in the moment.

But again, the question: 

What to do, while Being?

What would Abby do today?

  1. Sleep (ahhhh....)
  2. Graze and nibble all day long!  (Kale chips, Christmas cookies, fresh pineapple...here I come!)
  3. Sit on someone's computer desk for some TLC and attention.  (Hmmm...Toast is working today...)
  4. Nose around under the Christmas tree.  (Fun!)
  5. Sleep (Yes!)
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 above (WOO HOO!)

Abby sure knows best!

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