Your Invincible Summer



So ok, this is gonna sound like plain silly nonsense to the rest of you up there in the Northern Hemisphere.


It's getting cold here in Los Angeles.


I know, like I always say, we're the weather wimps of America over here in SoCal.  Even worse, I was born and raised in Hawaii, so what do I know of 'seasons' like fall and winter?  Nothing, really.

But I know enough to know this.

Without winter, we would not appreciate summer.

Yes, even in SoCal.  AND even in Hawaii (!)  Trust me!  I was born and raised there.  It's true, even in the tropics.

That's how vital duality is.

Duality Is Vital To Our Existence

xmas tree road x1500.jpeg

We desperately need there to be opposites.

Contrasts sustain us, LITERALLY.  Really literally, not Kardashian-ese literally.

We need rain AND sun.

We need night AND day.

We need Winter AND Summer.

We need sleep and waking; we need rest and work.

We need all these opposites to stay alive.  Literally.

Revel In All Of It

Soak it up, Eat it up, Live it up.

Life is a sacred privilege. Let’s act like it.
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