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Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Numerology Life Path: 5
Tropical Astrology Sign: Taurus
Vedic Astrology Sign: Aries
Top Love Language: Acts of Service & Words of Affirmation (tie for top)

  • Formal Education: Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Science in Holistic Health, Energy/Spiritual Healing, Transformational Coaching

  • Music: singing, songwriting, practicing ukulele, & cobweb guitar

  • Musical Tastes: meditative/ambient & spiritual chants in the morning, baroque classical or acoustic coffee house during the day, Sleep Genius app at night. Love classic R&B.

  • Interests: guiding others through meditation, spiritual energy healing, writing children's books, raw foods, baking vegan/grain free treats, making healthy versions of comfort foods

  • Really good at: giving gifts, gift wrapping, loving animals, buying crystals

  • Not really good at: not keeping foster kittens, not feeding strays/ferals, fractions

  • Books that Made a Difference: The Artist's Way, The Power of Now, The Anatomy of the Spirit, and books by Dr. Christiane Northrup, Anthony William (Medical Medium) and Amy Bloom.

  • Favorite Movies/TV: OMGawwd. Can't choose. But I love all kinds of movies and TV shows, especially thriller/suspense/murder, obsessed with ballet documentaries



Hometown: Hilo, Hawaii
Numerology Life Path: 9
Tropical Astrology Sign: Gemini
Vedic Astrology Sign: Taurus
Top Love Language: Words of Affirmation

  • Formal Education: Bachelor of Arts in English, Associate Degree in Audio Engineering

  • Music: guitar, ukulele, singing, songwriting, re-learning audio engineering in the current DAW age

  • Musical Tastes: for background music while working and journaling: usually post-rock, orchestral movie soundtrack stuff, electronic ambient; for music with vocals, Indigo Girls is a mainstay; other artists have included Dierks Bentley, Ani DiFranco, Kacey Musgraves, and most recently Sarah Bareilles

  • Interests: philosophy, mythology/religion, evolutionary psychology, mind-body connection, exercise, posture, mobility

  • Really good at: making Siena's favorite roasted broccoli & potatoes with garlic, teaching

  • Not really good at: catching balls thrown to me

  • Favorite Books: anything by David Abram, The American Soul by Jacob Needleman, and like The Declaration of Independence so much that I memorized it.

  • Favorite Movies/TV: Star Wars IV-VI, Contact, Lincoln, La La Land, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, Who Do You Think You Are?, Game of Thrones, Bear Grylls stuff, The Rachel Maddow Show, the Olympics when it’s on (the only time I watch sports)



Hometown: Torrance, CA
Numerology Life Path: 8
Tropical Astrology Sign: Leo
Vedic Astrology Sign: Cancer
Top Love Language: Receiving Gifts (a.k.a. treats & toys)

  • Formal Training: sit, up, high five, up high, "you're getting sleepy," jump, turn turn turn, let’s weave

  • Favorite Song: “Daydreamer” by Adele

  • Interests: watching birds, stalking squirrels, sleeping, making biscuits

  • Really good at: catching flies and bugs, aerial jumps, running really fast, looking cute

  • Not really good at: staying still to get my nails cut or my butt wiped

  • Favorite TV: I like YouTube a lot. I watch TV Bini, Cat Games, and this nice man named John who shows us his foster kittens

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