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Through our music and our podcast, we hope to inspire, encourage, and support you, as you discover and live out your love story.

…whatever YOUR love story is.

If you know (or even just suspect) that you are here on earth to be a force for love and for good, we are here for you.



Siena & Toast: the music

We’re living our love story through music.

Toast was the opening act for a concert by Siena back in 2001.

That’s how we first met, and we’ve been together ever since.

Music is still one of the most powerful things that connects us.

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 Siena & Toast: the podcast

Another part of our love story is our podcast.

It’s how we share what we hope are valuable life stories.

It’s about relationships, spirituality, and learning from everyday life.

Our intention is to encourage, entertain, and inspire.

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