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You are more than your past, or even your future.  You are...

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You transcend the physical.  You have a body, but you are more than your body. You have thoughts but you are more than your thoughts.  You are powerful...

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...not growing in power.

Growing in awareness of it.

At your essence, you are eternal.

There is no quantifying who or what you are.

You may have convictions.  You may take a stand, or plant a flag.

But there is no pinning you down.

You are timeless, boundless, and free. 

You are more...

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The breadth and scope of what a human being is, is beyond mortal comprehension.

It cannot be fathomed, only felt.

We are sensory beings, feeling our way through experiences, encounters, and lifetimes.

We experience the duality of life ~ birth and death.

The duality of the material ~ height and depth.

The duality of energy ~ the masculine and feminine.

But we are more than gender.

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