02 Pivotal Moments In Our Lives

In this episode, we each tell a story of a time that changed the trajectory of our lives.   

Siena shares about Cumin our cat passing away, and then a few months later, losing her Grandma.

Toast shares a little about the psychological journey she took when coming out as a lesbian, which started with learning what "gay" meant (besides "happy") first. (!)

It's a strangely comforting thing to realize that no one can ever buy their way out of doing the work of growing and maturing themselves.

Some people may be able to outsource or fast track a lot of their work in this modern world because they have money or connections.

But the most important work, the most valuable things, are simply not for sale.

Growing is your work for you to do.  And likewise, yours is the reward.

Oh.  In case you're wondering, these are the Reusable Glass Drinking Straws we recommend at the top of this episode :)

Want to name a pivotal moment in your life for others to relate to?  That's what the comments below are for.

In honor of original listener Amanda "A-lo" Vallo and the pivotal moment she commented about...

Our cat Bear checks out the Reusable Glass Drinking Straw

Our cat Bear checks out the Reusable Glass Drinking Straw

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