34 Christmas Presents & Christmas Pasts

This episode is what happened when we flipped through a December issue of Oprah Magazine.

Oprah’s Favorite Things

A few products that caught our eye:

  • a UV light phone sanitizer box - which we are not getting; in ten or twenty years, will this be a common household item, or a kitschy gadget from back in the day?

  • copper-plated drinking straws - also not getting (Note to buyers of glass drinking straws: don’t get the ones that have a bendy elbow in it; just get straight ones. Yes, we said it. Straight ones are better, unless you like a little mold in your straws.)

  • a kid’s box of crafty play things - not getting

  • journal notebooks - not getting

  • k. carroll Harper Crossbody Bag - getting! 😊

Magazine pet peeve: where are the page numbers?

Don't miss the cat-with-a-cone-on-its-head ornament!

One pet peeve you probably share with us is how magazines omit page numbers on too many of their pages.

We realized after we finished recording, that magazine publishers probably do this for the express purpose of increasing the number of readers (skimmers?) that see their advertiser’s ads.

It’s the analog form of “keeping users on the platform.” It bumps up the amount of time users spend on their site – except in this case, the site isn’t Facebook, YouTube, or Netflix; it’s a magazine.

Just saying.

Conversation starters

We also shared some of our answers to conversation-starters like:

  • What are you true feelings about the holidays?

  • What’s a favorite childhood memory of the holiday?

  • What’s a favorite thing you do with family for the holidays?

  • Who’s a person you met who surprised you this year?

  • What are you most grateful for, in this past year?

One of Siena’s answers is illustrated by all the photos you see in this post, from the most Christmas-y house ever!

Our answers included memories of Star Wars, sticker books, church services by candlelight, a gorgeous drive from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, and more.

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