44 Re-Thinking Our Gift-Giving


In our previous episode, we confessed that we have been somewhat schooled by the recently released Netflix Original series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

…and that’s what got us re-thinking our gift-giving habits.

None of us actively wants to add clutter to other people’s lives, nor to the planet’s.

But. Our society has generally conditioned all of us to equate gift-giving with giving concrete, physical things.


To help us re-condition ourselves, here are some things we managed to think of, for…

No-Waste Gift Ideas

  • foods like fun snacks, treats, spice packets, etc.

  • gift certificates to restaurants

  • soaps

  • candles

  • incense (or sage, sweetgrass, palo santo, etc.)

  • a membership to a museum, botanical garden, amusement park, etc.

  • a book of postage stamps (for the retro card and letter-writers)

  • gift certificate to Groupon (give the gift of experiences and tickets, like how we used Groupon to get tickets to an alpaca ranch tour)

  • meal services (like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, or other, ready-made meal delivery services)

  • flowers (here’s that previous episode where we mentioned about when and why to not give flowers)

  • a donation to their favorite charitable organization

  • a gift from their favorite charitable organization, that benefits it

If you have any other ideas or anecdotes to share about this topic, you can give other readers the gift 😉of sharing it in the comments.

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