59 The Joy of Cooking (and Pour Over Coffee)

In this episode, we happily yak about munchies and snacking while we actually do some munching and snacking.

Join us for a rambling conversation about the joys and rewards of pour over coffee, slow food, and home-cooking.

If you’re serious about your coffee ☕️ …

…you’ll get a kick out of our attempts to describe the process of making it at home.

(If you’re familiar with “Aunty Marialani’s Cooking Show,” a skit by old school Hawaii comedian Rap Reiplinger, you’ll also understand Toast’s remark about the size of coffee grounds, at 9:45 into the episode. This blast from the Hawaii past is below.)

Siena’s Green Juice recipe below, too 👇🏼

Siena’s Green Juice recipe

This is what she does to make two glasses of “green juice” for us!

  • 2 bunches of celery

  • 1 medium-large lemon (including skin)

  • 2 inches of ginger root (use 1 inch if you’re scared)

  • 1 apple, pear, carrot or other sweet fruit (optional, if you like it sweet)

  • and add any little extra greens you want (eg: leftover parsley or cilantro)

After washing and removing any seeds or dirt, chop fruits and veggies into smaller chunks and put into blender (a Vitamix blender is awesome), and blend away. Pour resulting slush into a nut milk bag, and squeeze out the liquid green goodness into a bowl. Compost the leftover fiber that stays in the nut milk bag. If you like using a juicer, you can just run all ingredients through it and you won’t need a nut milk bag.