07 Mission, Meaning, and Magic

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If you feel like there's some indefinable something missing in your life, the topic of this podcast episode might be really helpful!

The Three Needs

In this episode, we introduce the idea of The Three Needs of the human heart and soul.

The first is Mission.

Mission is the need to accomplish something.  We need to be useful in getting something done.

The second is Meaning.

Meaning is the reason and the significance behind why we're engaged in these Missions.

The third is Magic.

By magic, we mean a sense of novelty and mystery.  At its core, Magic is about transformation and change; it's the hope that things can be different.

We love the magical quality that crystals contribute to a space.

We love the magical quality that crystals contribute to a space.

We have fun reminiscing about The Karate Kid, as we use it to illustrate how, like all stories that touch our hearts, it portrays these three needs.

Here's just one example:

  • Mission: wax on, wax off
  • Meaning: the physical motions of waxing Mr. Miyagi's cars turn out to be defensive moves in karate
  • Magic: the hope that Daniel-san can transform himself from bullied to respected

Perhaps this framework of the Three Needs can help shed light on the reflections you have about the life of your heart.

We all feel our best, and are able to fulfill our potential when our spirits are nourished and strong.

How do we do that?  By serving our hearts a quality diet of Mission, Meaning and Magic.

Have a magical day 🌟

Here's the video we mention at the end of this episode.  Everything's magical when you're traveling to a new place.

everything's magical when you're traveling to a new place