08 Secrets & Game Changers

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There are two kinds of people: those who are Growing and Glowing.  And those who are Status Quo-ing.

Growing and Glowing people take what life throws at them and rise to the challenge.  They push against their comfort zones, and live life on the exciting edge of new frontiers, achieving dreams, always reaching for, and raising the ceiling on, their potential.  It can feel scary, but they don't let fear stop them!

Status Quo-ing people take what life throws at them and resign themselves to living below their potential.  They capitulate to fear, and allow the fear to keep them inside of a box too small for the life they feel they might live...if only they had...something.  A little help?  A little support?  Enough courage? Luck?  The perfect circumstances?  A guarantee that their risks will pay off?

Q: What separates the Status Quo from the Growing and Glowing?

Selfie on our day at Portland Rose City Festival

Selfie on our day at Portland Rose City Festival

A: The quality of their relationships.

The key to a high quality life is having high quality relationships.

That's something we've realized through our own relationship so far.

We've been together since 2001.  The quality of our relationship (and lives) has increased and broadened during that time, and the rewards have been so worth the effort!

One huge thing we realized was that, once we got ongoing support for the changes we wanted to make – in our mindsets, thought patterns, emotional patterns – wow, we were really able to gain traction and momentum to change our lives and our relationships for the better.

When we say "relationships," we're talking about all of them, like...

  • with your self
  • your partner
  • your past
  • your work
  • your thoughts and opinions
  • your larger family
  • your money and finances
  • your time
  • your hopes and dreams
  • and with the Universe/Spirit/God

Imagine if your relationships felt safe and secure.  Imagine if they felt stable and supportive, of you, and your dreams.


  • what you could do
  • who you could become
  • all that you could contribute

...if this were true of your relationships.

The Game Changer is having ongoing support to create and cultivate quality relationships

As much as we hope this podcast helps inject some light into your week, we want to do more.  

So we've decided to create a set of new, ongoing resources beyond and separate from this podcast, especially for our fellow LGBTQ community members.  The plan is to deliver these new digital resources to you each month, throughout the month, on a members-only basis.

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We also encourage you to express what you want to do, and be, and dream of, so that you can do and be and give more to this world: email us at info@sienaandtoast.com

(If you haven't noticed, the world needs good people to be at their best these days!)

  • Is there a particular relationship you'd like to focus on (eg: with your partner, an aspect of your past, your work/vocation, etc.)?
  • Is there a particular habit you've been wanting to start or end, that you feel is The True You...but you haven't been able to make it stick?
  • Can you not exactly pinpoint what 'the problem' is...but you know there's more you're meant to be and do?  That's totally valid to express, too! 

EMAIL US at info@sienaandtoast.com