10 Invest In Your Self

Making an investment can feel scary.

What if it doesn't pay off, and you lose all your money?

That's why it's comforting to know...

An investment that guarantees a return is investing in your Self

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It doesn't have to be just money.

Time is also an investment.

In fact, when it comes to self-improvement, investing your time is a requirement.

Fortunately, developing and caring for things like your

  • relationships
  • physical health
  • self-discipline
  • clarity of thought
  • character and moral fortitude

...always pays off.  It's a guarantee.  The safest, surest investment there is.

You will become a better, stronger, improved version of yourself, if you put  time into these.

You will be rewarded with a better, more fulfilling, more rewarding life, and a you that you like more, if you improve in these areas. 

And best of all, improvement in your self is under your control.

We quickly learn, even as children, there aren't a lot of things under our control in this life.

But these things are. 

And not only that.

The rewards start coming instantly

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The very act of beginning to give time and attention to your self communicates to you: You Are Worth It.  

This alone is boost to your energy, a beneficial return on your investment.

You are worthy of time, attention, care, and cultivation

This alone already increases the strength your inner self.  

This message alone starts the goodness going, to your benefit.

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Our Own Morning Routines

The most consistent, and straightforward self-care practice we have is our Morning Routine.

We each start the day by rising early, so that we have a nice stretch of time to do things like

  • intentional reading of edifying books
  • journaling
  • positive affirmations and visioning
  • meditation
  • exercise

The battle comes in when doing these kinds of things feels self-indulgent, self-centered, or like a waste of time.

It's the mentality that says: I don't have time to meditate!  There's too much I have to get done!

Sharpen The Saw

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In these times we must remember the principle of Sharpening the Saw.

Not many of us saw down trees these days.

But have you ever tried to slice tomatoes with a dull knife?

It sucks.  Super inefficient.

But have you sharpened it, and then tried again?

Super efficient.  What a pleasure.  The job gets done with ease and elegance.

The time and money we invest to sharpen ourselves is The Difference Maker in our experience of Life.

And because we affect others, it is The Difference Maker in other's experience of Life, too!

We encourage you to invest in your Self.

Not only are you are worth it (of course), but

The world, and the rest of us, could really use good people like you, who are at their best, to make the world a better place, right about now!

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Isn't it encouraging and inspiring to see and hear about others improving themselves, doing and bringing their best to their own lives and to others?

If you have practices, insights, experiences, or encouragement you want to share with others, that's what the comments are for!

Notes/Links: some apps we've used are Insight Meditation Timer and  Happify.  The phrase 'sharpening the saw' was used in the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.