15 Let's Talk About Soul Care

What do we mean by "Soul Care"?

Let's start with the term soul.

To define soul, we'll ask another question.

Photo by  Vashishtha Jogi

How do we sense or feel what gender we are?

Soul is the aspect of you that feels gender.

You resonate (and therefore identify) as masculine or feminine or fluid...because you have a soul.

Your soul is what does the resonating.

When anything is soulful, you know it...because you have a soul.

Just like: you can see something...because you have eyes.

How about when we talk about music, or art, or the feeling of a room, restaurant, or a region.

What is its soul like?

You can begin to answer that question...because of your soul.

Your soul is a reflection of the Divine.

It's the part of you that is eternal and transcendent.

Now what do we mean when we say care?

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Cultivating, nurturing, nourishing, tending.

Watching over.

Caring about.


You might think hey, if the soul is eternal and transcendent, it shouldn't need protecting.  

I mean, if it's a reflection of the Divine, doesn't that make it indestructible?


But that doesn't mean it's automatically all that it can be.

Your soul is still vulnerable to being wounded, and weakened.

Photo by  Casey Horner

Photo by Casey Horner

And therefore your sense of connection to the divine – your access to the wisdom of lifecan be weakened.

  • Is your soul full of life force?
  • Do you receive loving guidance and support for your life through your connection with Spirit?
  • Are your soul wounds receiving healing and restoration so you can be all you feel called to be?

Especially for LGBTQ people like us, who sustain wounds to the soul just by living in a society with a thousand years of homophobia behind it, soul care is of utmost importance.

Soul Care, is the "care and feeding" of your connection with Spirit

Soul care is a highly individual experience for each person, because each of us is unique.

And we each have our own personal, unique, individual relationship with Spirit.

As it should be.


We do have one very simple, general suggestion.

Spend quiet time in Nature

Blue Jay.jpg

Nature nourishes your soul.

The distractions and demands of modern living (I'm looking at you, phone) can really get in the way of our still and quiet connection with Spirit.

If you feel in need of Soul Care, turn your phone off and just spend time in Nature, being quiet.

Not some big expedition.

Just go outside and sit or stand or walk, or lie down.

In nature.

Soul Care is the real key you're looking for

Have you ever wondered why there's an endless proliferation of self-help articles, books, exercise programs, diet plans, and the rest?  (etc. 😉if you listened to this podcast episode, you'll get why we put a winky face there.)

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It's because we don't put our knowledge into action.

And then we rationalize why: I just haven't found the "right one" yet.

I still need to find the right plan, the right book, the right workshop, seminar, TED Talk, retreat, teacher, etc.


What we need is Soul Care.

If our souls are well...

  • we are more apt to engage in real self-help and self-care because we will feel more worthy
  • we feel the support we need from the Divine, to fulfill our calling in life
  • we will have more life welling up within us, to give and share with others

So, here's a toast.

To your soul.

We care about it.

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