16 Soul Language: Feminine & Masculine Energies

This is your world.

Photo by  Laurel Balyeat

It's made of energy.

You feel it.

Or you feel the absence of it.

Can you say whether your energy feels drained or uplifted by certain people or activities?  (You might be an empath like Siena; check out the book we mention in the episode: Dodging Energy Vampires by Dr. Christiane Northrup M.D.)

Or whether you feel either more feminine or masculine in general, and how much?

That's the energy we're talking about.

Mother Nature

The old way thinks that someone with female body parts could only have a feminine soul, and, that they could only be attracted to someone with male body parts and a masculine soul.  

That's an artificial compartment of how nature is 'supposed to work' ...according to a thousand years of homophobia.

The new way is triumphing over that old misunderstanding.

Because it knows:

Mother Nature is way more creative, inventive, and mystical than that.

We love our Mother.

Photo by  Michael Olsen

Photo by Michael Olsen

Opposites Attract

Prince cookies

Prince cookies

Yes, it's beautiful when opposite energies and symbols like masculine and feminine join together in a relationship.

And it's beautiful when opposite energies and symbols join together in one person, too.

Just like it's breathtaking when Gaia gifts us with...

  • sunrise/sunset - joining night and day

  • beaches - joining ocean and land

  • waterfalls - joining water and stone

  • an eclipse - joining sun and moon

These kinds of magical combinations are the twinkles and the sparks of life on planet earth.

And so are you.

You are a spark of this kind of magical combination.

Life is duality.

Our world is a world of duality.

The energies of Feminine and Masculine are how we feel it within our very souls.

Why does that matter?


Do you want a good life?

Photo by  Celso

Photo by Celso


Your soul needs to be saved.

Not from the hell of an afterlife.

From the hell of a frustrated, defeated, and dejected life, now, before you die.

You need your soul back.

This isn't about going to heaven.

It's about having a soul that is whole, to fully live the life you were truly meant for, now, in this life.

You need Soul Care.

That's why we're all about it.

To care for your soul, it helps to know for starters, that your soul lives and breathes in the language of energy.

Energy has feminine and masculine aspects

A whole soul, and healthy relationships, are about balance.

We keep the motor humming along by getting to know and care for the feminine and masculine within us, and within our relationships.

This is a life-long journey and adventure.

Sometimes it's smooth, sometimes it's a little clunky.

But just being aware of the need for harmony between feminine and masculine is a great first step.

Welcome to the journey.

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