17 True Success: Feminine and Masculine Aspects of Success

The Pressures of Culture

Photo by  Rob Mulally

Photo by Rob Mulally

The larger culture pressures us to achieve, achieve, achieve!

Accomplish!   Accumulate!  

These things are not bad, in and of themselves.

But they are just one dimension of success.

This dimension can be called 'masculine.'

It's a masculine kind of energy, a masculine kind of success.

The other dimension, though, is just as critical.

It is To Be.

You see, what can be called a feminine energy of Presence, or Being-ness, is just as real.

And just as valid and important to giving birth to, and sustaining, True Life.

Cultivating and honoring this more feminine energy is sorely missed in our larger culture.

It's a shame.

Because it's where so much joy and fulfillment in life comes from.

And truly, it's the only way to sustain any kind of success at all.

So we just want to encourage you:

Honor the balance of masculine and feminine success in your life.

Strive Satisfied

How beautiful it would be, to have more of our actions flow naturally and authentically out of a deep and true connection to the Life we feel within.

To us, this is what true success is. 

Photo by  Luca Micheli

Photo by Luca Micheli

To not only 'look' successful on the outside, but to be at peace within our souls, because our actions are in integrity with love for others and ourselves.

True success is:

  • working to accomplish worthy goals, while

  • pursuing those goals in a way that helps you become a better person

What is a "better person"?  

  • One who treats people (including yourself) with compassion, fairness, and dignity

  • One who forgives graciously

  • One who looks for and affirms nobility and benevolence in the human soul

  • One who makes decisions in a spirit of hope, faith, and a healthy, equitable future for all

True success grows your soul as a spiritual being.

This is what we believe and strive for.

Photo by  Prasanna Kumar

Opposing Forces

It ain't always easy, though!

We live in a world of duality.

One one hand, we feel the insistent call to rise to this higher way of living.

Toast 'being' a backyard urban farmer ;)

Toast 'being' a backyard urban farmer ;)

Because we know in our soul that we are meant for more.

We have dreams and goals for a better, brighter future.

We want to do more, and provide more for those we love, and for the world.

This is the call of the Life Force within us.

And then.

There is a force in Opposition.

And we feel the Opposing Force, too.

It's the voice of judgement in our head.

It's the source of self-doubt, and cynicism, and resignation to the belief that "that's just the way things are and they'll never change."

We believe that all of us are being called to overcome this opposing force.

We believe the Life Force in each of us is calling us to fulfill our destiny: to act, to keep searching, to keep pursuing our quest for the True Fountain of Life, in the face of this opposition.

The Expanding Upward Spiral

At times, Life may seem like it's on an endless loop of the same routine.

Or that we keep having to deal with the same issues, over and over.

This is a pessimistic view of our private lives, our personal relationships, and even the larger society.


If we stay awake and aware, and working to grow, we can be a catalyst for change, and see change happening.

Most times it's incremental.

Sometimes, though, it can be meteoric!

But, either way, it only changes if we change.

That time we performed in Hollywood for a LOGO TV special • Photo by  Sherry Barnett

That time we performed in Hollywood for a LOGO TV special • Photo by Sherry Barnett

If we stay awake and aware, and work for it, we can Be The Change.

Let's work for it, in both ways, masculine and feminine.

Let's take action using our strength and stamina.

Let's also nourish the feminine energy of our souls by drawing life from the deep power, stillness, and presence of Being.

Thanks for reading.

We're honored to be with you on this journey.

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