38 What We're Doing Differently For Our Relationship This Year

New Year’s Momentum: the Good & the Bad

At the start of a New Year, momentum is on your side!

But we've found that - yikes - it can encourage creating a list of goals that is just…



I mean, it’s great to have goals!

But when the list grows beyond optimal, it can foster more overwhelm and ineffectiveness than it does focus and fulfillment.

And even if, by the end of the year, you’ve made progress on New Year’s goals, you’ll inevitably have fallen short on many of them, too.

Because of course.

It’s only natural, if you’ve taken on too much at the start.


Maybe do a ruthless pruning and trimming of your Goals List, so you can make really meaningful strides on what does make the cut.

Our Word/Theme for the Year

Siena’s word/theme this year is: Reverence

Toast’s word/theme this year is: Self-Care

…and we go into more of our thoughts, and what we mean by these words, in this episode.


And, we also share the simple year-long 'instructions' we've given to ourselves, to support our relationship.

(Can't believe we've never done this before in our 18 years of being together!)

Here’s what we did/will do:

what we did:

We put our “boss” hats on, and scheduled our “date nights” for the entire year.

That is, wrote ‘em in our calendars and planners.

Our next two scheduled dates are:

  • a nature hike

  • a movie night

What we will do:

We’re looking forward to “following our own instructions,” to honor time for ourselves (see Word/Theme for the year: reverence, self-care).

And yeah, we realize that life happens, so we’re also prepared to postpone or reschedule dates of course.

What’ll be interesting is how this new, consistent pattern of intentional time together affects our relationship.

It’s not about achieving any one grand, dramatic thing.

It’s about doing small things, consistently.

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