48 How to Prepare for the Last Season of "Game of Thrones"


This episode we “talk story” about Game of Thrones.

How we were late to the party, how we somehow showed up to it anyway, and more.

Game of Thrones, season 8 premieres on HBO, on Sun. April 14, at 9:00pm Eastern.

Here’s a list of thoughts about…

How to Prepare For the Last Season of Game of Thrones

  1. Sign up for HBO Now ahead of time if you don’t already have HBO, so you don’t have to freak out about tech not working on the day-of

  2. Block off your Sundays (is that when each episode debuts?) in order to watch each new episode

  3. Budget time to watch auxiliary shows: commentary and speculation by fans, making-of documentary mini-series, etc.

  4. Follow the actors on social media

  5. Watch the show from the beginning again

  6. Read the books

  7. The Last Kingdom is a BBC series available on Netflix that is similar, if you need another “fix” of swords and clothes made of animals

Cute Snack & Food Names

  • Chick’n Little Fingers

  • Targaryen Tacos

  • Three-Eyes Raisin Bran Loaf

  • Lannister Lasagna

  • Jon Snow Bastard Brownies

  • Viserian Vodka with blueberries

Toast’s sub-tip

To reduce your emotional distress about Game of Thrones coming to an end, just realize: it’s just a soap opera (but with swords and magic).

  • characters waking up from comas 💀or coming back to life

  • lovers who 😳 turn out to be relatives

  • endless underhanded and manipulative scheming

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