52 How Couples Can Stay Together, And Even Get Better

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In this episode, we talk about the wounds each of us brought into our relationship, how the collision of those wounds led us to almost breaking up several times, and how becoming students of each other, our histories, stories, and patterns, led to our growth and betterment as individuals and as a couple.

We believe one of the sacred reasons for being in a committed relationship is to heal and transmute the wounds we’ve suffered elsewhere, such as in childhood.

We believe that all of this is just part of growing and flourishing.

The content of our lives is the curriculum of our evolution.

And a huge opportunity for evolution happens within relationship.

In this episode, Siena shares the experience that led to her belief that “people I love will leave.”

And Toast shares a childhood experience that led to the belief that “I’m misunderstood.”

And, we also discuss how you can make a positive change in your relationship, even if your partner might not be so “into” this whole thing of talking about wounds, and working on healing them, etc.

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