53 Your Happiness Is A Moral Duty to Society

We've all seen people whose reactions are way out of proportion to a situation.

Maybe we’ve been that person at one time or another.

Maybe we took our frustration/anger/stress out on someone who really didn’t deserve it.

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“Hurt people hurt people” the saying goes.

And yes, if we don’t deal with our s***, we do end up hurting others unnecessarily.

We become a person who spreads ugliness and dis-ease.

In this sense, our inner wounds are just like physical infections.

Left unaddressed, they create even more problems.

And those wounds that fester make life harder not just for that person, but for the rest of us, too.

That’s why self-development and self-improvement is really, not just about that one-person-self at all.

It’s about all of us.

As a society.

Your work on yourself – taking responsibility, endeavoring to be respectful, gracious, dependable, wise, to build others up instead of tearing them down, to be someone who tries to help rather than to exploit – is at the foundation of a healthy society.

So don’t be dissuaded from continuing to work on yourself, always. (It’s a never-ending project.)

It’s the very opposite of being self-centered, or indulgent, or vacuous.

It’s being a responsible adult, it’s being part of the solution.

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