54 Thinking is a Divine Power

This episode is a pep talk-reminder!

Yeah, yeah, you probably ‘already know’ about how important your thinking and attitude is.

But, just like brushing your teeth, we all need to keep up with doing the regular maintenance of clearing out the grime that get into our attitudes and outlook!

If you only ‘know about’ brushing your teeth, but don’t do it, you’re gonna have horrible, rancid, disgusting breath!!!


You actually have to brush your teeth!


Here’s some flowers to help clear the mental air of ‘bad breath’ thoughts.


Remember: YOU hold the ability and authority to take charge of the thoughts you are subjected to.

No one else gets to be the ultimate boss of your thinking!

Yeah, it’s work to do this.

But, it also sucks to not do it.

Because I mean, think about if you live with bad mental breath.


We need more flowers!

The wonderful thing is, just like enjoying the beauty of nature (however it’s available to you), cleaning your mental and spiritual breath doesn’t require you to pay any actual money!

What you do have to pay is: attention.

You have to give your attention to it, in order to do it.

We wish for you an experience of clearing, cleansing, and transformative thinking!

tulips 5.JPG