55 Imagination is a Spiritual Technology

You know the difference between “literally” and “figuratively,” right?

When we say “zombies” in this episode, we don’t mean horror movie monsters.

We mean people who have “lost their heart, lost their soul.”

And even that phrase “lost your heart” is a figure of speech.


You can’t really talk about spiritual things using literal language.

The word “literal” originates from a reference to the literal alphabet.

You know: letters.

A, B, C.

But the heart lives and moves and has its being in a realm that out-paces mere letters.

The realm of the heart traffics in the world of myth, parable, and symbol.

a.k.a. Imagination.

In this episode, we have a light-hearted and personal discussion to remind ourselves how Imagination is actually eminently practical, because it nourishes our heart.

And used for noble ends, our heart is what makes us human and humane.