56 How to Transform Your Money Story

Here’s an overview of what we discussed in this episode: the steps and things to watch out for, when Transforming Your Money Story.

1) Think of a new money story

What would you love to see about yourself, feel about yourself, in relation to money?

Knowing the answer to this is part of getting to know yourself (which comes into play in later steps).

One way to approach this is to find and focus on just one or two relatively positive words that express how your unique and authentic (natural) self would feel about money, if you felt “better” about it.

  • Confident?

  • Trustworthy?

  • Comfortable?

  • Excited?

2) Write down your “new money story”

For example: I’m so excited about my relationship with money.

Or: I feel a simple quiet peace about my relationship with money.

Your “money story” reflects your own natural personality.

It’s not about trying to find the most charged up, hyped up opposite of where you are now.

It’s about you being you.

You do you.

3) Read your statement morning and evening, utilizing your natural positive emotional state

Imagine yourself into the positive emotional state that feels right for you* in relation to this statement.

*This is why it’s important to know yourself (Step 1).

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4) Act "as if”


This is not a license to act recklessly.

(This is also where Toast said she thought this was really dumb advice when she first heard it.)

This is not encouragement to do the equivalent of wiping your butt with hundred dollar bills.

This is a call to do the work of living out the traits of a new and improved you, not a reckless you.

New and improved: acquire the wisdom, self-awareness, and responsibility of someone who acts with wisdom, knowledge, responsibility, and respect.

5) 24/7, 365

This is the never-ending part.

This it not a mindless-color-by-numbers endeavor.

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This is not a “5 Easy Steps” thing.

You need to use your God-given capacity for self-awareness, not just once, but regularly and often.

You need to also be humble and work with yourself at the level you’re at.

And you need to use your will and strategic mind to make adjustments based on your observations of yourself, and how you’re feeling.

One more thing: a rule of thumb

Here’s a rule of thumb we were taught about setting goals regarding your income.

Instead of imagining that “Congratulation!  You’re a millionaire!” (doing that falls more into the “reckless” category), do this:

Take the highest amount of money you’ve ever made, and double it.

That’s a stretch goal right there.

Final notes

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